Services and precision machining

During the years, ALMA has been developing a specialized knowledge, in the medium and big size contracted work, in sectors related to the energy production/supply and to the industrial plants sector.
We manage all phases of construction, starting from the raw, scrupulously following the specifics and all the controls requested by the client until the finished-product ready for assembly. Furthermore, we are able to perform some assembly of components produced in our plant.

Many materials, many forms

One of our best known engineering capabilities is our ability to handle a vast range of materials, including those that are considered “difficult” to work, such as: special steels, stainless steel, special nickel and chrome alloys, and iron alloys.

Our ability to build difficult structures, either because of size, form, or application for the energy, valve, and industrial plant industries has made us justly renown for our problem-solving capabilities.

Full compliance with specifications

At ALMA, we scrupulously follow our client’s instructions to ensure specifications are fully met, and that has meant creating a company system that places the complete fulfilment of engineering specifications as a primary objective.

To guarantee results, we take the utmost care in selecting the right technology, checking raw materials, and testing the final product before delivery.