Quality in all its forms

ALMA’s quality system is UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 certified.

Aside from amply illustrating our business strategy, the certificate has a special meaning to the company in that we view it more as a starting point than a target.

Research and testing for quality is above all a way of thinking and acting that has to be applied each day to each detail for a company to be able to provide a truly modern service, and ALMA is the perfect partner for companies that make quality their prime objective.

Tailored to customer requirements

ALMA has always worked on commission. We apply working methods capable of analyzing and satisfying even the most demanding requirements for reliable high quality engineering and fulfilling the conditions set out in the supply order.

Whether dealing with complete industrial plant or single components, our ability to fully satisfy, interact, and collaborate with our clients has meant that, over time, we have built a stable relationship with them.