ALMA Officine Meccaniche: 60 years of mechanical

Founded in 1953 by Antonino La Micela, ALMA was born as engineering department, strictly linked to the weapons sector and deeply seated in the territory. During the Eighties, due to the development of numerical control (NC) machines, the production of engineering tools quickly goes into disuse. In this period ALMA turns from a traditional engineering department to a precision mechanics company who takes on contracted work, initially medium-size than big-size works with a high precision level.

ALMA’s staff:our most important asset

ALMA is not simply technology and machinery, but is a team of people, professional specialists that distinguish ALMA from other companies in our sector.

The priceless experience, sensitivity and capability that makes up ALMA’s know-how enables us to take on and solve even the most complex challenge.

Our team of highly motivated specialists who are ready to both share and increase their knowledge has enabled us to satisfy our clients, even the most demanding.

From the energy to the industrial plants, the main sectors

ALMA is mainly skilled on accurate production machining of components related to the energy production/supply and t the industrial plants sector. The versatility, which distinguished us, allow us to develop precision work in all those sectors that require high precision on big-size components.


ALMA are one of the very few Italian companies with international specialist experience in this sector, and have built considerably complex items in engineering terms for a wide range of applications.


ALMA mainly construct large or very large valves, and we are best known for our ability to meet particularly tough requirements.

Industrial plant and systems

ALMA’s plant and know-how make us ideally suited to provide a wide range of engineering solutions for many sectors, energy production, chemical, machine tools, and power industries